Who am I ? ... or the history and life of Per Weisteen

Well, first let me introduce myself. My name is Per Weisteen. as you might have guessed  I know a lot about me but I'm sure there is more that I don't know. Let's first stick to the parts I know...

1953 - 1963

Born on January 14th, 1953  at the Red Cross Hospital in Oslo, Norway.  Why Oslo ? I don't know. We lived actually some 40 kms north of Oslo, at Gardermoen where my father was a Major at the Royal Norwegian Airforce. I was christened in a small chapel at Ullensaker and was given the name Per. My grandmother who was my godmother, had planned the name Petter for me but was stopped by mother.

We lived next to the airfield and I still remember myself in our garden hanging on to the fence surrounding the airfield waiting for my father to appear. He Flew Thunderjets (F-84G) at that time but had flown Fairchilds, T-6 Texan/Harvard, Spitfires and the first jets that came to Norway,  which I can't remember the name of. (I remember now, they were called Vampires :-)

I got a brother some 18 months later and didn't think that was any fun. Luckily that relationship improved later. Some years later dad got fed up with too much politics in the Airforce I think and too little flying. Since my uncle had been one of the top flying aces during WW2 I guess dad had the flying thing in his blood. Dad decided to join as a pilot in the Scandinavian Airlines System, SAS and ve all moved to Stockholm, Sweden while he was attending training there.

I remember we lived two different places there. One was a large, at least for me, old house at the countryside with lots of old trees and forests around. I still remember vaguely large falling leaves in burning colors during autumn. Åkersberga I think the place was called. The other place we lived was a gray stone apartment building, second or third floor probably closer to Stockholm in a place called Vallingby Gård (I think).  This was where I broke my arm and was sent to hospital for my first time. I still remember the sickly nauseating smell of the ether anestetics I got when they had to put the bones in position.

I think we lived in Stockholm for 2-3 years, at least that's what it felt like. We then moved back to Norway, to Hønefoss where my father was born and where my grandparents lived. We moved into a blue colored apartment building, second floor.

1963 - 1973